RZR XP 900 Stage 2 Kit

RZR XP 900 Stage 2 Kit
Upgrade your RZR® XP to the most powerful, most reliable and most premium machine with quality built parts engineered and validated by Polaris.

Power Comparison

RZR XP 900 with Stage 2 Kit vs. RZR XP 900 stock
RZR XP 900 with Stage 2 Kit vs. RZR XP 900 stock

The ultimate engine package for your RZR® XP or RZR® XP 4, this kit delivers 94 HP – giving you improved acceleration and throttle response, reaching 60 MPH up to 17% quicker.

Item fits the following models:
2013 RZR XP 900
2013 RZR XP 4 900
2012 RZR XP 900
2012 RZR XP 4 900
2011 RZR XP 900

RZR XP 900 Stage 2 Kit Includes:

SLP Exhaust Silencer:
  • High-Flow dual outlet silencer, more than double the flow of the OEM Silencer
  • Sport tuned exhaust note
  • High-strength stainless steel construction
  • Dual USFS certified spark arrestors
Performance Tuned Calibration:
  • Proprietary tuning optimized for your RZR XP 900
  • Dealer installation required to ensure proper recalibration of engine
High Output Camshafts:
  • Increased intake and exhaust overlap duration and lift for maximum power
Primary Clutch Shift Weights:
  • Tuned to improve acceleration and take advantage of the increased horsepower
High Strength Valve Springs:
  • Stronger and tuned to optimize valve-train dynamics of the H.O. camshafts
RZR XP 900 Stage 2 Kit
Part #: 2879557
Price: $999.99

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