Diablosport Extreme PowerPuck

Ford 6.7L Diablosport Extreme PowerPuck Tuner

The DiabloSport Extreme PowerPuck is one of the most powerful inline devices available today.

Using the ‘Diablo Dial’ you can adjust up to 100 different power levels ‘on the fly’ which can yield up to an additional 100 horsepower and torque.

Diablosport Extreme PowerPuck TunerWith the Extreme PowerPuck’s additional torque output towing is no problem. If you are looking to save some money at the pump-go no further, the Extreme PowerPuck can increase your fuel economy by 1-4 miles per gallon (just watch that ‘lead foot syndrome’). No matter what you use your diesel truck for; towing, work, pleasure, off-roading, racing, or even daily driving the Extreme PowerPuck is perfect for you. Want extreme performance, stack the Extreme PowerPuck with the DiabloSport Trinity (or Predator) for up to 200 wheel horsepower and 400 ft/lb torque right out of the box!

(DiabloSport recommends at least a 4 inch diameter exhaust for high performance stacking vehicles)

  • Add up to 100 Rear Wheel Horse Power & 200 Ft/.lbs Tq!
  • Switch on the fly- Ramp your power up while drive with the “Diablo Dial”
Ford 6.7L Diablosport Extreme PowerPuck Tuner

Application: Ford 6.7L Powerstroke Diesel
Part # P3030
Price: $359.00

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